On the move again

I have a real frustration in the immediate post chemo days.  I have good internet connection, but am unable to take full advantage.  Grrrr.  So now I am off again tomorrow, all being well, and still have a huge internet backlog.

I have an even bigger blog backlog (backblog?)  So many things to say but the old body is just not cooperating.  Taxotere is indeed taxing.  The effects are heavier than last time and I feel terribly weak.  Not good when there is a chemo treat to shop for!  The fingernails are foul, discoloured and very sensitive.  My long lost taste bud friends are nowhere near and my mouth feels again as if it has been to the dentist and is fully anaesthetised.  And the aching bones , muscles and joints  – from ears, neck, shoulders, knees, toes and I think every bone and joint I could imagine.  I succumbed to painkillers last night which I try and avoid as an extra burden on those vital organs.

I know that 2 more  chemo cycles is so nearly there, but it still feels like a long way ahead.  Especially knowing that the side effects are cumulative and it is unlikely to get better.  Though of course I am open to that option!

So it is onwards and onwards.  Packing up our bits and pieces, along with the side effects and heading home for another few days and some recuperation and replenishment I hope.

And incidentally, Dr W saw me and Twang Arm just as the side effects were taking hold, so he did not see the Twang at its best.  He has indeed supplied new tricks and ironically I can hardly move anything at the moment, let alone Twang Arm. 

If I look back though, I can see how far I have come.  Tomorrow, when we travel, will mark an unbelievable 21 weeks from the diagnosis, with the surgery just days later, and 18 weeks since the first chemo.  I can’t pretend it has passed quickly, but it has passed and I am still moving forward towards recovery.  It seems to have passed quickly to everyone else though!!  But the thing to focus on is that the heaviest things (surgery and most chemo) are mostly behind me now, all being well. 

So as we move homewards again tomorrow, I have to remember that each day also takes me forwards and through the treatment.


5 thoughts on “On the move again

  1. You are amazing didi- you really are. I love the sound of the chemo treat routine- how about some snazzy picture frames for all of the lovely scenes you are going to paint and sketch or how about some speaking books? I’ve never used them but my sister in law who is a librarian enjoys listening to them when she is ironing or out walking and not able to hold a book- might be good for days when you are tired (they are just CDs or cassettes with a narrator reading out a novel)? You could probably find some on Amazon.com. Or a DVD/video player? That would also be good for recovery days and for escaping reality. Are you able to handle a massage or are you too tender? I swear by massages for relaxing the body and mind- I can’t ever get enough of them. Or, another pair of bathers since the other ones may be at risk of over-use?
    You have a fantastic attitude Philippa and yes, you should draw strength from the challenging journey that you have successfully made so far.
    For Chemo treat 7 and 8 could you fly the grandkiddies out to Thailand to see you?
    We are okay here, it has been a frantic time getting everything ready for Chi to start Uni classes next week. We are both exhausted! Summer is almost over technically but it is still hot. I’m very glad it is Friday.
    We love you and we miss you xoxoxoxox
    P.S. Do you want me to investigate shipping a kangaroo to Yangon? I could send a brnach of a eucalypt with it so you can see it in it’s natural habitat?!

    • bahini – thanks so so much – these are fantastic suggestions! 🙂 🙂 And I would love to see the look on peoples’ faces when they meet a kangaroo on the street here 🙂

      I hope you and Chi are good and Chi enjoying uni

      Hope to see you somewhere soon

  2. I wish I had thought of the chemo treat when I went through it…

    One (good?) thing about chemo, is that it fries your brain so badly that 2 years post diagnosis, 18 months post chemo and 8 months post Herceptin; I have difficulties remembering what it was like.
    Keep fighting.

    • Thanks Sophie – yes a friend of mine suggested this and I latched on to it immediately – and I am so glad for the suggestion as it has made a real difference.

      I know what you mean about the memory – now i am on taxotere, I have forgotten a lot of the Epirubicin/Cuclophosphamide side effects and just how grim they were.

      It’s great to hear from you from the other side of chemo and treatment too – thanks 🙂

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