In chronological order…..

This is an attempt to put the story into its chronological order.  By nature of being a blog, it means that it reads from the present backwards, and that makes it harder to trace this account from its beginning.

These are the headlines only – there are many snippets and updates which are not indexed.  Bear with me………….this is a work in progress 🙂

  1. The beginning – finding something suspicious
  2. The diagnosis
  3. The diagnosis sinks in
  4. The surgery
  5. Post surgery
  6. The lymph node story
  7. Getting out of hospital
  8. Results and the treatment plan
  9. What it does to your mind
  10. The second surgery
  11. The first chemotherapy
  12. Post chemo 1 – introducing the Groundhog Days
  13. The amazing Port and how it works
  14. Losing the hair
  15. Dealing with mastectomy – the non medical side
  16. Graduating to the second chemo – enter Taxotere………
  17. ………and its lovely side effects
  18. Things will never be the same again.
  19. Losing more hair!
  20. Cancer treatment as the Triathlon from Hell!
  21. And Chemo as a Boxing Match!
  22. The Final Chemo, finally
  23. Introducing Radiation
  24. Radiation begins
  25. A twist in the tale – Bankok’s Breast Cancer Correspondent
  26. Entering a new phase – return, recovery……
  27. The strange post treatment phase – part one and part two
  28. The lopsided look!
  29. The first 3 month check (August 2010) and afterwards
  30. Life with my new constant companion – Tamoxifen
  31. The “new normal” – or “Same, same – but different”
  32. Approaching a year from diagnosis
  33. And the Cancerversary – how I marked it and why

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