Celebrating the ordinary – Sunday’s starter

As I posted yesterday, Marie of Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, is marking a return to blogging with the following challenge:

For one week, starting Sunday, I would love for you to join me………  it’s about celebrating the ordinary simple things we can sometimes take for granted each day.   So, will you join me in finding one thing each day to take a picture of to remind us of the simple ordinary pleasures in life? If you have a blog, then please post the picture and leave a link here.  And if you don’t have a blog, you can still join in on Facebook. Just upload your pic to the JBBC Facebook page where I will also be posting everyone’s pictures.  Looking forward to seeing your contributions!

Irresistible!  I was already in the midst of preparing a post, which would herald a new aspect to my own blog – I guess I could call it the Background Image Backstory?  So to start the week of celebration of the ordinary, I am using the image I was poised to share and describe, the image which was the first background image on my New Look Blog.

This is a photograph which I actually took during my Christmas break, in 2010 in Ngwe Saung, on the western coast of Myanmar.  I was fascinated by the patterns appearing on the sand, and ended up taking a number of photographs of the various designs and patterns.  This image is of a design left in the sand as the tide went out.  These incredible designs were everywhere, all I had to do was open my eyes and celebrate them in their extraordinary simple sophistication.

It may come as no surprise that I photographed very many of these various images, including the patterns left by burrowing tiny crabs and doodles by sand slugs.  There is a full album of these on my sister blog, where I post photographs of my life here, and another album of that Christmas break in black and white images.

As the week of this challenge progresses, I will be sharing images, new shots and some from my archive, to celebrate the ordinary.  The biggest challenge is only selecting one each day for only a week!


12 thoughts on “Celebrating the ordinary – Sunday’s starter

  1. Now isn’t that a wonderful thing to say Philippa 🙂 that the biggest challenge will be only finding one thing to post each day! I love that you think that and thanks for joining in. I just know your week’s pics will be more extra-ordinary than ordinary and am looking forward to seeing them 🙂

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  3. Philippa,
    An absolutely stunning photograph. Even though I know where you took it and what it is, I can read so many other things into it. It’s part fantasy, part sci-fi and it could even be something viewed that’s under the lens of a microscope. Fascinating!


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  5. Thank you SO much for your comments, but really these images were such a gift. They were just “there” all waiting for me to capture.

    I am afraid that technology is conspiring to block my bloggery interactions – connection is worse than sludgy and it is proving impossible to reply individually. I am sorry about that 😦 So here is a quick response while there is a glimpse of light on the interweb 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

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