……… find yourself unable to use the technology upon which you have become dependent!

Last weekend my laptop developed a fault and I found myself in a very strange place.  Unable to write anything which required a space in between letters, I could not email, blog, chat or even comment coherently on a facebook status!  It was unbelievably constraining.

It did not take long for me to realise that I did not just take these things for granted, but seemed to be rather dependent on them!

Happily I had plenty of other things to take care of, so I was not exactly twiddling my thumbs.  I am not sure I even know how to twiddle thumbs.  But I found that was fine as long as I was not doing anything which required the laptop.  I discovered that with a faulty space bar there is actually not really anything you can do with a laptop!  And as for any life online?  Well, just forget it.  Even when Twang Arm was at its peak and I struggled to use the laptop, I was not as paralysed as I was by the wicked space bar.

I have mixed feelings about being confronted with my dependency.  Partly I am shocked that such a seemingly tiny fault could cause such a feeling of isolation and disengagement and highlight my dependence on technology and connectivity.   Partly, though, I was making plans to get a replacement laptop as soon as possible!

It is a keen reminder that our lives have changed beyond recognition with the advent of computers, gadgets and super-sophisticated technology.  While I cherish the richness this has brought and the special people I have connected with or re-connected with, I do just wonder if our laptops and gadgets are in charge or we are?

6 thoughts on “Yourealiseyouhaveaproblemwhen…………….

  1. P – I think it’s a reminder of how important our cyber connections are – it does add ‘richness’ as you say. Having just had a break from my own cyber space activity due to a holiday, I am now glad to be back but equally glad for the break! yourspacebarisobviouslyworkingnow!

    • Yes, I think what you are describing is a healthy balance and appreciation of what we gain. bythewayiamborrowingalaptopforthetimebeing 😉

  2. The technology thing struck me a few years ago when I flew to Edinburgh for a meeting. Through security I took my laptop, iPod, mobile phone and electronic diary. My father regularly used to do the same trip in reverse carrying a large pad of paper, pen, pencils and pocket slide rule!

    E xx

    • So true E – and I guess it is not that long ago that we also travelled without all the gadgets. And when a mobile phone was exactly that! I love the image of your father and his slide rule! My father also travelled with his slide rule and lined paper but always preferred the train for that journey. I think he is the only person on the planet not to have internet!

  3. My new desktop keyboard had a malfunction with the “K” last week. Until then, I never realized how important that key was. I mean, how many words use that letter anyway? Quite a few, actually. I was able to fix that problem with some pressure and a twisted paper clip.

    I can only imagine what it must have been like to lose the space bar. We are indeed dependent on technology, like it or not. When the power goes out, we get a jolting reminder every once in a while.

    I hope you enjoy your new laptop. It’s a lovely excuse to get one!

    XX Jan

    • Such a reminder, isn’t it? Yes the ‘K” might be lesser used (as reflected in its higher Scrabble score I guess!) but it must skew things quite a bit if it is not working. Mind you the power is always going out here – there is a constant hum or even roar from generators, and everyone carries a torch!

      I am really looking forward to treating myself – I have decided that no matter happens with the checks next week it will be an appropriate response to them! A treat if they go well and consolation if not,
      P xx

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