……… find yourself unable to use the technology upon which you have become dependent!

Last weekend my laptop developed a fault and I found myself in a very strange place.  Unable to write anything which required a space in between letters, I could not email, blog, chat or even comment coherently on a facebook status!  It was unbelievably constraining.

It did not take long for me to realise that I did not just take these things for granted, but seemed to be rather dependent on them!

Happily I had plenty of other things to take care of, so I was not exactly twiddling my thumbs.  I am not sure I even know how to twiddle thumbs.  But I found that was fine as long as I was not doing anything which required the laptop.  I discovered that with a faulty space bar there is actually not really anything you can do with a laptop!  And as for any life online?  Well, just forget it.  Even when Twang Arm was at its peak and I struggled to use the laptop, I was not as paralysed as I was by the wicked space bar.

I have mixed feelings about being confronted with my dependency.  Partly I am shocked that such a seemingly tiny fault could cause such a feeling of isolation and disengagement and highlight my dependence on technology and connectivity.   Partly, though, I was making plans to get a replacement laptop as soon as possible!

It is a keen reminder that our lives have changed beyond recognition with the advent of computers, gadgets and super-sophisticated technology.  While I cherish the richness this has brought and the special people I have connected with or re-connected with, I do just wonder if our laptops and gadgets are in charge or we are?