And now for something completely different

I have been buried in deadlines and a spread of work this week, and suddenly I look up and it is the weekend again already.  It might sound exotic working in a tropical environment and so often it is, but let’s be honest, much is the same the world over.  Reports, proposals, email in boxes and meetings are integral to my kind of work, no matter where my desk is located.

One of the reasons I have been under that bit more pressure this past week or so is that my deadlines are not flexible.  And they are not flexible because, all being well, I am off on a another adventure on Monday.  And this is completely unlike so many jobs around the world  Indeed after 11 years in this field, something which continues to enthuse and inspire me professionally and personally.

At the crack of dawn on Monday morning I will be heading out of town, towards the delta to visit our projects and staff.  While I am in one of the countries through which the Tropic of Cancer crosses, I can’t wait for this respite from my own Tropical Cancer.