Trans-portation and de-portation adventures

Tis the season to be jolly, fah la la la la…..

Christmas is indeed approaching and there are quite a few signs here in Yangon.  Many more than there were signs of Pink October in fact.  I am in a very different place to where I was this time last year – but that is a topic for another post.

As well as Christmas approaching, the time is also approaching for my port flushing procedure.  Ouch!  Just to keep me from fretting too much about the procedure itself, a complicated logistical puzzle is forming to take my mind off the scary side.

A special kit is needed for the port – it includes the specific port needle, the anti clotting agent Heparin and various other goodies.  We don’t have a kit in Yangon so I have been working hard to try and get one trans-ported from Bangkok so that my Dr can do it here.  It is turning out to be rather messy!

We seem to have got over the confusion about where the kit should be collected from and delivered to.  We have also clarified that the Heparin needs to be kept refrigerated as it is a cold chain product (I have no idea what that means except that it has to be kept cool).  So far so good.

Now, remember that the port is implanted, as in under my skin.  Unlike Teddy who had his on top of his fur, but that’s life!  The whole reason it has to be flushed regularly is because it is connected to my jugular vein and into the heart (yeeech – heebie jeebie jeebie….)  So while I still have my port and while I am not getting chemo infusions this flushing, or cleaning is important.  Dr W2 is still undecided when or whether I can get my port removed, or be “de-ported”.  So in the meantime, I have to organise this “trans-portation”.

So when organising the logistics, I was particularly alarmed then to see the following instruction in the email, for the collection/delivery of the cleaning kit.

“As far we understand from our client, the port is with her ( the address as below).  It must collect from her and bring it to hospital for cleaning and flushing and return back to her”.

I cannot tell you how alarming that is – the thought of someone turning up, somehow prising the port out from under my skin and carting it off to get cleaned at the hospital!  Then bringing it back and putting it back in!  Yikes!  And of course I am keenly aware of the irony that if it was removed or removable then it would not need to be cleaned!

So I am waiting to see what the latest plan is. My Dr goes on holiday soon so I do have to get it done in the next week,  or I would have to go to bangkok.  What an rollercoaster!

These adventures will continue while I still have my port – so I can’t wait until the ex-port has been finalised!