On the move again

We are on the go again – and hopefully will reach home this afternoon.

I am pretty whacked still after chemo 5, but keen to get back to the garden, home, friends, gentle engagement with work, fresh food and lots of swimming.  All with a view to getting my strength up again for another zap in a couple of week’s time.

It may be that connectivity is limited – but I shall update however I can.

P is for …………..

Pictures – of some important things in my life right now……………

Well let’s start off with something which identifies Breast Cancer – Pink, but with a cute flower from our garden, just as a way of highlighting how important home is to my recovery and recuperation.   Aaaaw!

Next P is for Pumpkin. Clearly this is another garden connection.  We got back to Yangon in January and these lovely fully grown pumpkins were ripening on the lawn!  SInce my diagnosis I have almost lived on pumpkin, having read or heard early on that it was a good in fighting cancer cells.   I am taking great care with what I do and don’t eat as it is the main thing I have control over in this situation.  So pumpkin soup, curry, mush or however it is prepared, it is on my plate at least daily usually!   And thank goodness the taste buds have not realised and distorted it along with so many other tastes.

The last P – hmmm, well I guess this stands for Poison!  This is the bright red chemo (epirubicin), of which I have now had 4 cycles.  It is the one which is responsible for turning urine bright flourescent pink – very alarming!  But the important thing is that although it is punishing my system, it’s main purpose in life is killing those nasty evil cancer cells which might be trying to hide somewhere.  So it is most definitely something else I have to be thankful for!