2 down………..

………………………23 to go!

Yes, we’re off!  I have had 2 radiation sessions now so things are nicely underway.

I returned yesterday, Wednesday, for the first session after the mega planning on Tuesday.  Before I was shown through to get changed, I was told that there was still some work being done on the calculations and planning so I might have to wait a little longer.  No problem – the main thing is to get the details spot on so I was not worried about a delay.

More mind numbing reality TV – which I now call treatment TV.   I waited just over an hour, but during this time I was regularly updated, even by Dr C himself when the planning was finalised.

Shortly after, I was taken into the Radiation suite, where my individual mould was lying waiting for me.  Dr C asked me what kind of music I would like.  I was  so (pleasantly) surprised that it took me a moment to think of music I would like.  I did suggest that if they wanted me to keep absolutely still, then dance music was not a good idea!  Some gentle jazz was put on as I was adjusted into the mould and prepared by the technicians.

Before long I was strapped in, covered in a blanket and raised towards the radiation machine.  I was on my own with the machine now and soon it started moving, whirring and then beeping.  A bit too loudly as it blocked out some of the music at times!  The machine swung round to the other side and beeped at me from another direction, before changing positions and beeping another few times.  This carried on for around 20 minutes in all.

Finally, Dr C and technicians came back into the room – I could hear them but not see them, and they told me it was finished.  My hands were numb from trying not to move and my knees had locked so extracting myself from the mould took a few seconds.

Dr C was happy with the session and the calculations – now everything was set for the full course of radiation.

I forgot to mention something important yesterday.  When I was talking with Dr C after the simulation, I had asked him about all the markings  as there were so many.  He told me that this radiation therapy is prophylactic.  Now I think that is really good news.  He explained that the treatment is preventative rather than treating a tumour or cancerous area.    Even although I know the tumour has been removed, to hear the Dr say that there is no tumour to treat is sweet music to my ears.