Magic Slippers! Fippancy alert… this post may be less than serious in places ;)

We may we have moved from Breast Cancer Awareness Month into Movember,  but there is still the issue that awareness is important but what we really need is a cure.  That is absolutely fundamental, indisputable and critical.

And that is the serious part of this post.

Moving to a less serious slant, I want to tell you about something that happened yesterday.  When I was in one of the markets in town, my eye was caught by a display of sandals which were being promoted as “Slippers for health”.  These slippers claim to bring all sorts of health benefits!

Is an elusive cure under our noses?  Or moreover, under our feet?  Perhaps I should buy a pair of these slippers and carry out a clinical trial, with plain slipper-wearers as the control group?

This reminded me very much of the time when I was watching TV when I lived in Nepal.  A number of commercials were showing in between programmes, and one came on advertising similarly amazing footwear.  The slippers in this commercial had magnets implanted in their soles, and promised stimulation of height growth.  There was a scientific diagram showing how the magnets stimulated the pituitary gland (I think..) which in turn tricked the body into growing taller!  It promised a full three inches height growth in two months!  Now I am one of the shortest adult people I know, so the thought of sandals like these was very exciting.  So exciting that I was prompted to …… buy a pair?  No, I could not resist shaping it into a short and fun poem.

21st century slippers

Last night I saw an advert
on Indian TV
in answer to the prayers
of short people like me

Now you can get these slippers
you must wear them every day
and in two months you’ll be taller
by three inches, so they say

Well I must have these sandals
and I’ll wear them every day
and soon I’ll be much taller..
How much must I pay?

And tonight I’ll watch the adverts
on Indian TV
There must be a special outfit
to make a younger, slimmer me

And you can see how this could relate to the sandals I saw yesterday 🙂