Day 4, Wednesday – Celebrating the ordinary and everyday


You can’t get much more ordinary than eating!  Or can you?

My celebration of  the ordinary today focuses on our lunchtimes.  And more importantly our lunches!  Pretty  much every day I have lunch with my colleagues,  and the scene depicted below is a fair and accurate impression of the daily  experience.

The hero of our lunch is in fact the amazing yet humble tiffin box. This perfectly designed lunchbox contains every element and nutrient needed for the perfect lunch.  They are produced in an unending variety of designs with two or three layers or even more, different sizes and different widths.  We can procure the perfect tiffin box for our needs.   My own tiffin box has two storeys and I carry it to work in the cutest little wicker basket.

In the lunch room we sit together, dismantle our tiffin boxes and spread the various  dishes we have on the table.  One of the nicest things about Myamar culture is that we share the assortment of dishes freely, tasting and savouring such a wide variety of flavours and regional specialties.

And then, at the end of the meal, when every last bite is finished, the hotch potch of assorted tiffin tinlets are magically rearranged back into their individual tiffin boxes ready to be dismantled, washed, taken home and prepared for the next day’s lunch.