An ordinary sight on the way to work

A little more of the everyday ordinary in Yangon.

This is a regular sight – and I took this photo on my way to work last week when we were snapping ordinary moments.


This is an ordinary bicycle and it is entirely usual to have at least three people on it.  The mum balances gracefully on the bike while holding an umbrella to protect her baby from the sun as well as holding on carefully to her baby.  The man is wearing the traditional Myanmar longyi with a less traditional (and until recently a rare sight) mobile phone sticking out of the waist.  The front basket also regularly holds an infant.

I have a secret plan to get myself a runaround bike this weekend, to use as the rains start to abate.  But I will not be taking any passengers, for their own safety!  Nor will I be riding one-handed while I hold my umbrella aloft!