I seem to be developing a new look! 

Dr Evil is fading and being replaced by Annie Lennox!  I confess there is a mighty dose of wishful thinking there, almost certainly influenced by the fact that I am a huge fan of Annie Lennox.  But if you can imagine Annie Lennox with shorter hair, less platinum blonde, more platinum grey then I am nearly there.  Oh, and a totally different face!  The Jack Nicholson hairline is still a feature of my hairdo, but that seems to be hidden a bit by the mouse coloured stubble.  Before my “trim” in Scotland, I had a dreadful mad professor look – pure cotton wool white tufts sticking out to the sides, bald patches on top, a dreadful receding hairline, and a white-ish Mohawk where the hair was slightly longer.  Not good for the self esteem.

I am now at the stage when I occasionally go “topless”, as it is often jokingly referred to in the Breast Cancer Forums.  Unsurprising this means going out in public without scarf, hat, wig or other baldness disguise, and is nothing to do with clothes!  Oddly, I generally feel less uncomfortable being “topless” in the company of people who did not know me when I had hair or who I don’t know at all.  I am not quite at the stage when I can go out without some sort of emotional prop for the head.

My “sun-bed” look is not so attractive.  My radiation tanned skin is peeling beautifully, very rough and sandpapery and bringing a very interesting patchy look.

My fingernails are really fascinating.  As well as having an intriguing pattern of white lines which could be highly desirable (if somewhat hard to design) in a nail studio, the top half is still a strange orange-red colour from the Taxotere cycles.  The pale lower half clearly shows the growth since the Taxotere stopped. 

 I could patent the design although I would probably not include the element of the nail lifting off the nail bed.  I am not going to talk about toenails as they are just horrible.

So things will never be the same, I am sure, but they do seem to be changing when it comes to appearance.