Life in the old blog yet!


There may have been some silence here on the blog, but that doesn’t reflect inactivity on the part of the gecko! There are a number of posts in the pipeline, some more written than others, but at least well formed in the head! There is plenty of life in the old blog, for sure!

So here is a quick preview of some upcoming posts with their teasingly enigmatic titles:

Is there a Doctor on board this flight?


Blog Tourist

Trains and transformation


on Friday (29 August) I will feature an interview with a fellow contributor of How Does one dress to buy Dragonfruit – Susan Blumberg-Kason.  Susan’s memoir  Good Chinese Wife: A Love Affair with China Gone Wrong has just been published.  I am delighted to bring our conversation to this space, with insights and reflections into her experience and the writing of her memoir.

good Chinese wife

So there is a lot in the pipeline – stay tuned, as they say and find out what is behind the headlines!