Happy Endofchemoversary – another Landmark Day!

I have marked a number of Landmark Days over the past months, but this one feels rather different.  It is the first one to mark what feels like moving forward from the diagnosis.  I know that finishing the chemo course was only part of the story, but chemo was a long haul and one which frightened me enormously.  I approached each cycle with nervousness, fear and trepidation tempered with gratitude for the cutting edge treatment.  The 8 cycles started days (18 to be precise) after my mastectomy, when I was still getting used to my diagnosis.  The 8 cycles were to take the best part of 6 months, and take full control of almost every aspect of my life during that time.  I remember sitting in Dr W’s office when he went over my pathology reports just after my surgery, telling me that chemo would take at least 24 weeks.  Around 6 months.  At that time, I really felt as if the nightmare would never end.

So how come I am already marking not just the end of chemo, but a WHOLE YEAR from the end of chemo?  Doesn’t it just go to show that it all does keep moving forward?  I know I have no guarantees that I would never need chemo again (touches wood by the treeful) but I can look back and see just how far I have come.  Indeed it is a wonderful thing to be in this place today, not bald, feeling strong and energetic, my legs working properly and no longer feeling wooden and dreadfully heavy, my fingers and toes having feeling in them, Twang Arm less numb and feeling stronger and three NEDs under my belt.  The path will continue to twist and turn I am sure, but my feet are firmly stepping forwards.

So indeed it is Happy Endofchemoversary to me!  And many more to come I hope!