Chilling in Chiang Mai – Part 2 of the Adventure

A quick glimpse of our Chiang Mai retreat – in pictures for now.  More thoughts coming on the subject of online friendships ………….

Chiang Mai was resplendent in colour, trees blooming (purple jacaranda, yellow laburnum, scarlet Kapok), brilliant pinks of Bougainvillea, fragrant frangipani and so many other tropical blooms.  We spent the days there with a friend from Kathmandu, reminiscing and wallowing in nostalgia.  Marvellous!

Chiang Mai nestles at the foot of a range of green hills, and a trip to the city is not complete without a visit to the hilltop temple at Doi Suthep.  A flight of over 300 steps leads you to a serene, spiritual and peaceful temple.  Accompanied by great view of the city

And my favourite image of the whole trip – this beautiful and serious picture of 2 young monks – posing for the little pink camera set on auto timer to capture their presence in the temple. 🙂

All in all, a true experience of harmony, vitality and adventure!