It’s that time again………..

Stomach churning, fear, dread, hope, insomnia – and arrival in Bangkok ……………….  it must be the night before chemo!

In fact it is the night before my next appointment with Dr W2 – and if all is fine, then chemo 6 should go ahead.  So it probably will be the night before chemo, but I can not be sure.  I hope it does go ahead and we can move forwards towards the end of chemo, but I have to be honest and say that a part of me also illogically hopes for a reprieve. 

I have one distraction which is helping – a huge internet, Facebook, blog and email backlog caused by the disruption to internet back at home. 

So as the sun sets on a sultry Saturday evening in Bangkok I will try and catch up a bit with the outside world, and avoid thinking about tomorrow.  Denial is a wonderful thing!