Blurred vision

We are slap bang in the midst of rainy season here in Yangon.

rains 1

The season is characterised by blurred images, through rain-streaked windows.

rains 2

Windows are steamed on the outside and the rain is warm.  The air is thick and sticky.  And everyone adapts to a different daily routine throughout the rainy months.

I am wondering if the onset of rainy season, coupled with the change of Femara “diet” is playing a part in those side effects getting worse.  I am not sure of that, but I do know that the topic of Tamaxofen and Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) and their glorious side effects is not one which is going to slip back easily into the box.  I experience that duality and contradiction of feeling comforted not to be alone, but sad that so many are dealing with these side effects when I read Nancy’s discussion on the very same topic.

Nancy and I seem to be telling a very similar story. AIs can bring very difficult side effects. Not to everyone, and none of us know how they will affect us, but to many. When the side effects become very debilitating and painful, it brings the challenge of making a very tough decision about continuing them or not.  As the discussion sparked on the comments on Nancy’s blog post itself, and on her Facebook page shows, everyone has their own take on this.

We just do not have that guarantee that they will keep cancer at bay or under restraint.  What we have is statistical probability according to our own pathology and cancer profile. Taking the AIs could be what puts us over the line in terms of favourable probability. This might just be the ticket which keeps cancer at a distance.

And so the decision about whether to weather often very painful and highly debilitating side effects or not is not straight forward or clear.  Everyone has the right to make the decision which is right for them and for that to be respected.  It is a judgement call, and an individual one.

crystal ball

However, none of us can see a picture in that crystal ball, and what is within that blurry vision.  We can only do what we trust is right for us.