A very different Christmas to last year!

I have just returned from a wonderful beach break for Christmas, with no access to internet, international phone and for most of the day no electricity!  But with clear blue skies, warm, gentle water and 14 kilometres of silver sands, who needs electricity when you are in a hammock, walking along the beach or in the sea anyway?  Pure bliss!

It was a totally different Christmas to the one I spent last year in so many ways.  Distinguishing features between the two include:

  • Beach-based, not Bangkok based
  • I was able to choose anything from the menu
  • I was able to taste and enjoy what I ate
  • There no blood tests, appointments, countdown to chemo, groundhog days of other medical distractions
  • I didn’t have to wear a mask to avoid infections
  • There was no need to avoid children, ill people or crowded places
  • There was no sign of Dr Evil in the mirror
  • I had energy!
  • I didn’t need to take my temperature twice daily
  • I did not need to worry unduly about infections
  • I did not need to have multiple daily naps
  • I had no access to internet or phone

Most of all, I had an overwhelming feeling that not only did I survive to see last Christmas, but I am alive and well enough to really enjoy this Christmas.  All in all, I was in a very different place – mentally, physically, emotionally and geographically!  A very different and great deal kinder place.

If you celebrate (and even if you don’t), I do hope your Christmas was as good to you as mine was to me.