Reasons to be cheerful – part 2

I have been a real misery guts the past few posts!  It is time for a change in attitude I think!

Well, last night I went out.  As in, an evening out to meet friends.  In the evening!  I realise that this is the first time I have been out at night for a good couple of months.  I have just not had the energy or felt in the slightest like anything more than a coffee or snack in the daytime. Of course, my encounter with pneumonia, on top of nasty Taxotere really put the finishing touches on any desire to have any social life.

When I had the chance to meet friends last night, the fact that I felt like meeting up in the evening was a very clear sign that I must be feeling better.  OK, I was heading home around 9 pm after a lovely meal and lots of catch up chat, but that is real progress.

And do you know the best thing?  The first thing my friend told me was how much better I was looking!  She was emphatic in saying this was because she saw such an improvement and stressed this several times.  The last time she saw me was in Yangon not long after I had had pneumonia, when I was at a bit of a low.  It did me the world of good to be told that and today I have felt a teensy bit stronger and better.  So I celebrated by meeting another friend this afternoon and I definitely felt brighter and stronger.

That is a very clear reason to be cheerful!