Ruana and the rains

It was in the middle of the day on Thursday, in a formal meeting. The morning had been slightly cooler and we were aware of clouds gathering, finally.  There is a tinkling sound on the roof. I stop, mid-sentence. The noise intensifies. It can only mean one thing. Rain. I run to the window, and sure enough dark rain splatter marks are appearing on the ground. Spontaneous applause breaks out, broad grins and laughter. The rains have finally come, and in no time the street has flooded, debris floating alongside the cars and people wading through the murky water, smiling and giggling.

We resume our discussions in the meeting, but with a lighter tone and broad smiles.


While we celebrate these belated rains, we are also keenly aware that not so far away to the north, people are battening down any hatches and preparing as Ruana intensifies in the Bay of Bengal of India’s eastern shores. Deciding whether to remain a Tropical Storm or Cyclone and which path to travel in.

We understand that Ruana  is making landfall in northern Myanmar or Bangladesh.

Be safe.

In the interim, here are some images of rainy season as it coincides with the Kason full moon and Buddha Jayanthi, images captured from a car window.


4 thoughts on “Ruana and the rains

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  2. I love these images!!! I hope Ruana didn’t wreak too much havoc, though. Mixed blessing indeed. xoxo, Kathi

    • Thank you Kathi – I love watching the world through the rain-smeared car window, so evocative. Ruana caused landslides and loss of life in Sri Lanka and when it eventually made landfall in Bangladesh. Yes, very mixed. P xxx

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