Silence and words


There has been a deafening silence here for too long. Silence usually, almost always, in this space is a sign of struggle and something not going well. Too often this has been related to cancery stuff.

That is not the case right now. Silence has been due to a long protracted situation which I cannot yet discuss here. But it is NOT cancer related, nor related to my health at all. The checks are very soon, but for now this has nothing to do with cancer.

While this struggle is likely to be dominant for some time, I am trying to pick up the electronic pen again and at least communicate. Trying to keep this space alive.

During these times, it has been particularly striking that my three words for the year have been enormously important. I have been ever reminded to breathe, to gaze at stars and to move forward and realise in its many senses of the word. So it was surprising to me that I have been sought out by three more words. Three words which speak specifically to this situation. Three words which sit within the main three word mantra of Breathe, Stargaze, Realise, but which recognise that I need something more focused.

Those words are:

Dignity – this reminds me that no matter how difficult things become, it is critical to maintain my own dignity and respect the dignity of others.

dignityContemplate – I am tempted to react and respond in a knee-jerk manner, but some changes and actions need to be thought through and considered carefully.

LP April 1Beacon – a beacon is a guiding light which shows the way ahead, it shines light in very dark places and it provides hope that there is a better and lighter place ahead.


This too shall pass. And while it will take time, I have these words to guide and look after me.

26 thoughts on “Silence and words

  1. Sometimes when things stress me, I write about them, and sometimes I do not. Or I write it all out to get it out of me and then save it on my computer to be eventually deleted. Blogs are very public but writing can be cathartic. But in the end it wlll pass and life shall go home. Have hope. Always.

    • This really resonates – I write myself through so much, whether is purely cathartic and for my own eyes only, or for the blog………. My writing has been stalled for too long, it is good to be able to let writing guide me through. Hugs to you and yes, hope always 🙂

  2. Hi Philippa,
    I’m sorry you’re going through something difficult right now, but glad it’s not cancer related. Your new three words are terrific choices. I love them. Share with us what and when you can. We’ll be here. Sending hugs.

  3. Dear Philippa,
    I have been silent too long, but have formed words, written them down, but often being both internally and externally mute, unable to say them. you inspire me to give voice to those words after contemplating them. words matter and they can turn into appropriate action that then can be part of the self care we so deserve to give to ourselves. Thank you for this wonderful post! I wish you heart’s ease to give you comfort and respite from your troubles, along with..

    much love and the light of hope to find your way.


    • Oh Karen, you have put into words a very similar feeling to my own and described the gagging fog which descends and keeps those words unsaid. I have missed your words, and hope to hear more soon.

      As ever, great sunbeams of light and waves of love to you too.
      P xox

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