Winding down

I really don’t wander around Yangon’s downtown nearly enough. When I do, I remember how much I love it and how much it is worth braving the standstill traffic, the slithery pavements in rainy season, the burning heat in dry season and the uneven pavement traps after sunset. So the perfect time for a wander is late afternoon in the dry, slightly cooler season. Two days before Christmas………. and before I retreat into a much quieter space.

escape 2Last year I compared the thought of a break with jumping off a speeding roundabout.  The same still holds true, possibly even more so with building intensity through the year. Last year I retreated to Borneo for a quiet reflective New Year.

I spent a lovely, quiet, quirky Christmas in Yangon.  Starting the day with a long, luxurious swim and then Christmas Dinner in the company of friends, followed by a film shown on the hosts’ outdoor terrace under the stars.

A wonderful way of slowly winding down.

scape 3Boxing Day, 26 December saw me coaxing my long suffering travel bag to close, and heading yet again to Yangon Airport for a Bangkok flight. My next round of medical checks will be on 8 January so now I have some time to step right off that roundabout and wind right down.  I will fly this afternoon to Laos and spend the days before and after the New Year in a quiet, secluded place in the hills surrounded by jungle, waterfalls, butterflies and long walks.  This year I am truly stepping away from the 21st century for a little while as there is no internet, no distractions.

I trust that I will be in a relaxing and inspiring place physically as well as emotionally.  Perfect for walking, swimming if it is not too cold, reading, writing and thinking. And I am well equipped.

escapeI will refine my three words and share them when connectivity permits. They are nearly in place, but need those few days of quiet reflection before I fine tune and share.  Soon.

As 2015 approaches, I send wishes for the coming year and beyond, to be filled with light, sunshine, laughter, music and kindness for all.

10 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. dear Phiippa,

    I wish you the gift of serenity, of your senses being heightened to take in all matter of beauty and remembering and being able to call upon what calms and delights you, those cavalcadic reels of what you have gathered to fortify and strengthen your mettle against any fears, dreads, “what ifs”. how wise and how fortunate you are to know yourself so well and be able to follow the cues to seclude yourself amongst all you know to be a sweet and powerful balm. I will be thinking of you, and wishing you all you are hoping for as January 8th draws near, my dear Friend.

    much love,

    Karen ooxoo

    • Oh Karen, thank you so much. You really really get it, and understand what it is to crave this kind of healing and regeneration.

      I wish you a 2015 which is kind and full of all that makes your heart sing, and more good news health wise.
      Love and hugs to you

  2. Philippa, I hope your getaway is filled with peace and relaxation. It’s wonderful how you take care of yourself. I love the pictures in this blog post, and of course your beautifully written descriptions.

  3. Your Christmas sounds delightful. And your plans to unplug sound like the perfect way to recharge your batteries and recall the essentials about life. Our world is so noisy. But we can’t gain perspective and just think without some quiet. Much love to you for 2015. xoxo, Kathi

    • Thank you so much, Kathi – yes it was all wonderful and the offline time so good that I am very late replying to your kind comment! Love and warm wishes your way for 2015 and beyond too xoxox

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