December already?

At this time of year, I am always caught by surprise by the sight of snowflakes falling across my home page.  I found this seasonal (well, northern hemisphere seasonal) function years ago, and switched on the “let it snow” feature.  Every December since then there have been snowflakes falling on tropical vegetation and other background images.

Once the snowflakes start falling across the screen, I am usually working my way through another annual process.  The three words.  Any “down” time, such as sitting in a taxi, waking in the middle of the night or other time where there is a space for reflection I am thinking of the past year and the coming year.  Have the words worked well this year?  How do I want to approach the coming year.  Which words will capture my aspirations and guide me as we move into the new year?

This 2014 has brought its challenges and intensity, some of which had been hinted at, some unexpected and some less welcome. As the year closes, I will have brought my reflections together and turned my focus to the coming year.  Already, the mantra is taking shape and words are dancing around.  I know, though, that the decision comes later, that the words form their own shape and settle together as the time to set the mantra approaches.

lux 10

Nearly twelve months ago I shared my 2014 words, and now already I am preparing for their successors.  And I find that this process is as relevant and meaningful for me as it was when I first chanced upon it in 2009. And for as long as it works, so shall I keep living with and through my three words.

9 thoughts on “December already?

    • Thank you Marie, I find the process enormously motivating and it certainly helps me to focus (something I am really not good at!)

      Strange about the snowflakes – they are falling here in Yangon 😉 though a little more horizontal than usual. Perhaps a slight Scottish breeze is keeping them flighty! Hope all is good with you? xxx

  1. I can’t wait to see what your three words are, Philippa. They are always so good. As someone in Chicago in the US, the real flakes were falling today (as light as the ones on your screen). Although snow is beautiful and fun when one is a kid, I dread commuting in it. YIKES! By the way, I purchased the Dragonfruit book. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Aw thanks, Beth – happily there is no shortage of words 🙂 I just need to find the right three for the year!
      Yes, I am reading lots of snow updates from Scotland too – it’s an early winter.

      I’m delighted that you’ve ordered the book – there are stories in there which I am sure will resonate with you.
      P xxx

  2. Time is flying past, no? With the year end approaching, I’ve started looking back as well. So much has happened, and I try to keep my two chosen words at the core of that. Your dedication ti your process helps inspire me each year.

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