The winds of change

September is a mixed month usually in Myanmar.  The rainy season starts to ease.  I returned to a couple of days where the sky was blue, the daytime temperatures soaring and Facebook statuses celebration a break in the clouds.  Quite literally. The months of June, July and August see thick cloud, heavy rains and only a very rare glimpse of the sun.  It is sticky and uncomfortable, yet it is refreshing and life-giving.

This afternoon, I sit in one of my favourite spots, a balcony on a Yangon Tea Salon, bounded with orchids, a peaceful and creative space, attempting to catch up on bloggery and life. The earlier, hot sun has been chased away by gathering back clouds and in moments my peaceful space is turned into a rainforest.

last rainsI love the rains, though I do find the constant greyness depressing and the humidity exhausting.  The rains are warm, unlike our Scottish rain and they bring a wealth of sounds, plant life and noisy animal and reptile life into the everyday.  They disrupt.  Sudden floods and violent downpours bring life briefly to a standstill. But they bring an indescribable childish zest.  I never tire of listening to the thundering downpours.

But now, inevitably we are moving into new times.  The rains will subside, wider swatches of blue sky will appear and by late October/November the rains will be but a memory.

The Yangon sky as the seasons change

The Yangon sky as the seasons change

This season represents a different kind of change for me.  We move through September, and my stomach tenses, my breath shortens and my mind becomes increasingly distracted. I discovered the lump which was to be a door into a new and strange world, the breast cancer world in September 2009 and I face a number of significant anniversary and landmark days.  To reinforce this, the global Breast Cancer Awareness month shakes up a multitude of reminders and debates. And just to add to the intensity, the Great Annual Checks and Scans loom.  As the rains disappear and clouds move into the distance, All Things Cancer sweep forcefully into my line of vision from all directions.

More than ever, I will strive to keep some balance as I navigate the coming weeks.  And I am sure I can be forgiven for wishing to close my eyes and find myself in November, checks behind me and some reassurance to take forward and clear blue skies for some months ahead.

15 thoughts on “The winds of change

      • Thank you, Philippa! I enjoy yours as well. I realize that this is a LONG way off, but I’ve booked a trip to Myanmar in early 2016. If you are still calling Rangoon home at that time, I’d love to get together for lunch with you before I head off into the “bush”…

      • How exciting! I would LOVE to see you here! As you say, it is a long way off but if I am still here then YES for sure we should meet up. did you know that there is another Dragonfruit writer here too now?

  1. dear Philippa,
    sending lots of gentle, warm hugs and big hope that you will be able feel so much love and support as you navigate all the anniversaries and upcoming onslaught of checks and scans.

    much love,

    Karen xoxo

  2. Oh Philippa, you paint paradise with your words in those opening paragraphs.

    I hope the loveliness of increasing blue skies helps you find that balance in the next round up to-dos. My husband and I are watching a Top-Gear episode right now where they travel through Myanmar. It had me thinking of you, but even with their video crew – I don’t think they come even a pinch close to capturing the beauty as this blog does so easily.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Catherine – I am constantly in wonder at my surroundings, I don’t know if it is because it is so different to the Scottish climate and vegetation! I heard that the Top Gear folks had been here but haven’t seen what they produced. Doesn’t it just show the power and beauty of words 🙂
      Thinking of you and wishing you well. xox

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