Shadow, reflection and showers

I feel as if the dry season has stretched a little this year.  Weeks and months creep past, with hardly a drop of rain.  Showers which we can mark in the calendar.  Yes, that was the week it rained, we remember. A January rainstorm and an April downpour.  Aberrations, punctuating the increasingly stifling heat building around us. We start to dream of rain, to imagine we hear drops falling.  The wind rises, whispering promises of rain soon, soon.  My heart soared two weeks ago, on a stuffy Saturday afternoon when I heard that unmistakable sound of large, bulging raindrops falling outside. Raindrops I could count, and see their mark on the ground briefly before they were swallowed by the parched ground.  There is only one thing to be done on hearing this sound, and catching the scent of fresh rain in the air.  Before I know what has happened, I am in the garden, face upturned and arms outstretched, welcoming those first delicious rains onto my face, smiling and laughing like a child.  The shower might be brief but so refreshes the mind and body and sharpens the anticipation of the rains.

The rain came again on Tuesday, hidden while I was inside the airport building and unseen until boarding.  Such a sense of disappointment and being cheated, at not being able to watch or feel the rain as it swept in.  The rain on a runway is not the rain I had been dreaming of, nor the rain streaked horizontally across the cabin windows in the aircraft. Nor the dramatic rain storms underneath while we were kept on hold above our destination. It might have been “not quite the right kind of rain” but it was a renewed promise of monsoon.

It has rained every afternoon since then.  Bulky clouds with attitude gathering in the sky, thunder rumbling and cracking, spirited breezes materialising from nowhere and rains teeming down. Alongside a renewed energy and exuberance within each of us. The frogs are wakening and critters being washed from their hiding places. The landscape will quickly change.

And so too does my image for now.  Over this dry season, I have become increasingly fascinated with the play of light, of shadows and of reflection as I struggle to get to know my camera, and try to capture glimpses of magic I see around me.

I am also a little naughty with the concept of “selfie” photography and have my own version which protects my privacy yet places me in my environment.  The “Shadow Selfie” is what I call it.  Now that the rains are moving in I am sure there will be less shadow and I have therefore chosen an image which comes from this very special time when the season starts to turn, and the trees come to life with their array of colour.  I particularly love the jacaranda and could not resist a “shadow selfie” under a blossoming jacaranda tree as I paused on my cycle home from my early morning swim.

Shadow selfie and fallen Jacaranda blossom
Shadow selfie and fallen Jacaranda blossom

The jacaranda is already shedding its colours as the season changes.

All the more reason to preserve it just a little longer.

9 thoughts on “Shadow, reflection and showers

  1. I’d never seen a jacaranda tree until this trip to Australia and I was captivated by their vibrant beautiful colors. The trees have since shed their leaves, but the memories live on.. and of course reading your words has brought them to life again for me.

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  3. Totally adore the shadow selfie dido! And oh how I miss those jacarandas in KTM! Missing you as always, love this latest post and do hope that you enjoy that rain on your face again soon xoxoxo

    • I KNOW – oh those memories of the jacaranda down Lainchaur and Durbar marg. Have a wee peek at the link on Marie’s comment above for what I wrote about jacaranda while in KTM. Yes, the shadow selife is such fun! Big hugs to you bahini 🙂 xoxox

  4. As usual, beautiful prose. I love the way you embrace the rain and savor it. Too many people (myself included) find it burdensome at times, probably because our umbrellas don’t work half the time. This post reminds me to appreciate nature just the way it is. Also, I love the concept of the shadow selfie. I might want to borrow this idea!

    • Thank you for your lovely words 🙂 I have to say, that it helps that the rain is warm here! And once we get into rainy season proper and wall to wall clouds for months on end, you might hear me a little less glad of rain! But for now, it is delicious, and even when it has been non stop I still find it refreshing and invigorating. But tropical rain is special.

      I’m delighted that you like the shadow selfie – it is for sharing 🙂 and of course was something I too borrowed from something I saw a long time back 🙂

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