This is a time of year for reflection.  As yet another year comes to an end we tend to find ourselves looking back over the past months.

Can it be almost a year ago I wrote a long trailing ponder prompted by my morning encounters with my kingfisher friend? And can it be a whole year since I was working through mazes of words as I moved towards my three words for 2013 – (focus, treasure and design)?  How did those words fit my year?  That is also the subject of great pondering.

It is indeed a whole since the three wordly ponderings. And I have again been pondering, reflecting on what has been a tough year, thinking of how I want to guide the coming year and playing with words which might be a fitting mantra for 2014.

A shape is forming.  There is one word at the core of my coming year which draws from some of this year’s challenges and which I want to be at the heart of my mantra.  There are two other words which feel right.  Let’s see if they feature in the final choice.

As always, a great deal of my pondering takes place in what we often call a “pond” during my morning swim.  Recently my kingfisher friend returned after a long rainy season absence and it feels to me as if we have spent companionable pondering time.  He watches patiently as I plough up and down the pool, and I watch him as he calls out and now and then swoops and plucks a wriggling worm from the grass. The perfect fodder for my friend’s breakfast and for my mind!


My Kingfisher friend watching my daily swim

There are many things I love about this time of year.  The cooling weather, the sunshine and blue skies.  And the draw towards reflection.

Soon my “three word” pondering will work through its natural course, and soon I will have three wonderful new words to guide and inspire me, and to share with you.

7 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. I read this while sipping my morning coffee and trying to shake off a foul mood from yesterday. Your beautifully evocative words paint a picture of serenity and triumph–just what I needed. And the photo of your kingfisher friend was the icing on the cake. I’m now smiling instead of snarling as I start my day. Thank you, dear Phillipa. Your post is a true gift today.

    • What a lovely thing to say – thank you so much:) I do wish I could just tell my kingfisher what a difference makes to our days. I don’t think he would understand about the internet though 😉

  2. It is good that you are looking forward and looking back. I reckon I’ll be doing the same – trying to think of what I’m proud of from this past year. Trying to remember what happened that shone bright. Thank you for the reminder to look ahead as well. ~Catherine

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  4. I like this time of year with the winding down of yet another year and the pondering of things… I’ve been thinking about what my three words might be too. I look forward to learning what your choices will be.

    • So true, Nancy – pondering and reflection with a sprinkling of ideas for the coming months and year. I so look forward to hearing what your three words will be – mine will be in place (hopefully) and shared on January 1st.

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