Downtown Yangon

As I boarded my flight to Bangkok last week, my colleague paused as we made our way down the aisle towards our seats.  She had spotted a familiar face, U Thant Myint U, well known author (including The River of Lost Footsteps) and Chairman of the Yangon Heritage Trust. We were able to exchange a few words before taking our seats.

I had already selected the new background image, of the old Burma Bombay Press Building, but nevertheless that encounter probably played a part in my drive to share some of the many images I have of Yangon’s heritage and downtown area. This is an area which infuses energy and delight every time I visit. I have put together a gallery of images on the sister blog.  This is a vivid, chaotic mix reflecting downtown life with its colours and vitality amidst modern and heritage architecture.

The corner of Strand Road

The corner of Strand Road

And a few words from U Thant Myint-U himself

Do call by Feisty Blue Gecko – in images: Glimpses of life and heritage in Yangon’s Downtown for an introduction to this fascinating part of town.

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