Tropical Cancer

Amid all of the discussion about pinking and whether or not awareness is outdated, I have been working alongside a small group to organise an event in Yangon to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

The event took place yesterday afternoon, Saturday 26 October under a moody sky and surrounded by tropical vegetation.  We shared personal accounts (Myanmar and international), asked and answered questions and created a space to learn how to do a self-examination.  We have created a Facebook page with some images of the day.

Tropical Cancer is incredibly complicated and I learned a great deal yesterday and gained a little more insight into the situation here.  A slow reveal which confirms that we may have a great deal in common, but there is a world of difference in our cancer experiences depending on who and where we are.

In the meantime. I gather my thoughts , impressions and memories of the day to share in the coming days.

breast cancer awareness yangon 2013

8 thoughts on “Tropical Cancer

  1. dear philippa,

    what a wonderful start to your fine project; you must be both excited and gratified to have finally been able to launch the beginning of what you have worked so hard on to see happen – a way to start breast cancer awareness in the “tropics”. can’t wait to hear more about this.

    much love and light, xoxoxox


    • Thank you so much Karen – we have been working together with a group who have already started on this, but it is still very very early days. More than anything else I feel daunted by the complexity, sensitivity and critical need to have insight and understanding into the context here…… what will follow will be very much through my eyes.
      Love and light on its way to you too xoxox

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