The world we live in – the world I live in

What an amazing world we live in, instantly connected around the globe through our little screens or devices. However, more than this, I am reminded of the amazing world which I am lucky enough to be part of. This weekend many people in Myanmar have been in festive mode with the Thadingyut Festival of Lights  which is celebrated on the full moon of October.  I have written about  Thadingyut before – it is a very spiritual and beautiful festival.

Thadingyut 1I decided to head out in the early evening on Saturday, the full moon day and first day of Thadingyut, just as the light was fading.  I wanted to wander around my neighbourhood with my new toy – a Nikon SLR which I hardly know how to work.  This would be a bit of practice, but also a lovely way to start the evening and the opportunity to see the way the different houses and buildings were festooned in lights and candles to mark the festival.

Thadingyut 2All around, candles were being lit and lights strung.

Thadingyut 3

Thadingyut 4

And crowds gathering at the temples.

Thadingyut 5As  I was walking down the road, watching my step carefully as this was where I fell badly earlier this year, I spotted something moving on the pavement.  I could not see it clearly, but it looked like a very hair caterpillar and that called for some further investigation.

As I looked more closely and trained my lens on the critter, I realised that there was a highly interesting specimen in front of me.  This was no ordinary caterpillar – this was a very shiny being, wearing a luminous green outfit and set in a body which seemed to impersonate pine foliage.  It was the weirdest shape and did not look as if it belonged to the world we know.

Scary yangon beastieI must have looked extremely odd, crouching over this beastie, taking photo after photo.  People slowed down and I learned the Myanmar word for caterpillar and more importantly, that this little fellow bites!  He was also camera shy and continued his trek across the pavement, ignoring the fact that his pic would later be shared on Facebook and generate a fair bit of interest.

Yangon beastie on the moveIt seems that he is some kind of banana tree resident and has quite a vicious sting with poison-tipped spikes.  I have consulted Professor Google but not yet been able to conclusively give him an accurate label.  I showed his picture to friends and colleagues here and it seems he is a fairly elusive chap too as no one had seen anything quite like him.

Despite his alien appearance he is very much of the world that I live in. What a reminder that we live in a fascinating and surprising world indeed.  And this is yet another reminder that my own surroundings have a particularly exotic flavour.

Thadingyut lights in leaves

Welcome to my world!

15 thoughts on “The world we live in – the world I live in

  1. dear philippa, I LOVE getting to be in your world! what a lovely evening saunter to see all the lights and candles. and how extraordinary that you met that other-worldly, very green creature on the way. wow – at least he doesn’t have the ability to spit!

    love and light, xxoo,


    • I love it that you can join me in this amazing place too – I just never tire of my surroundings 🙂 It had not occurred to me that this fellow might spit! I would not have gotten quite so close …..
      Hugs to you

  2. Wow, that creature you captured on camera is priceless! How else would we see him if not for you immortalizing his image. Thanks for showing us your unique world. xo

    • It was fluke J, I had spotted this guy by chance. When I showed the pic to friends and colleagues, many had never seen such a beastie. For me, this was a reminder that all around us are amazing things – we just have to open our eyes. x

  3. We live in an amazing world and it belongs to our friends like the rather handsome green fellow as much as it does to us… I think caterpillars and similar critters serve as a helpful reminder of how lucky we all are.

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