October – a pause for perspective

Sometimes there is a moment, or a prompt and your heart stops.  Your mind pauses. And you are reminded of those things which are truly precious.

Reading this poignant and humbling comment on my “Before….” post last week brought one such pause to me, so much that I have been compelled to lift this and share it here.

How wonderful we have the benefit of sharing our stories, especially the ones that harken back to the day when life as we knew it changed us forever. and though those stories are stark and sobering, the emotions so cataclysmic, it is good to take what we can from them to see how far we have come; to honor the day for the changes we’ve been put to task for -to realize that every drop of rain is a miracle, every fragrance sniffed from a flower is beauty we can apply as a balm to our psychic and physical wounds, and that each new day brings with it possibilities that can also alter our thinking, our feeling, and enhance our sense of gratitude for this incredible cyber community, all those who GET IT. some might sum all that up and simply say that misery loves company. but we know better – that living with grace under fire, still being able to reach out and embrace and help so willingly to share the burdens of those who struggle with much of the same wounds with love and support, listening, compassion, empathy and a fine-honed sense of hopefulness that can uplift, inspire, and soothe, and give respite to others’ hurting hearts. we hold onto one another, fill the universe with powerful and enduring caring and love – and know we are not alone.

Thank you, Karen for your wise and heartfelt words, and for bring love and light into our lives.  I wish you that very compassion and virtual companionship  with the grace that you gift to us as you move along such a tough path yourself.

bathed in monsoon droplets

Thank you.

18 thoughts on “October – a pause for perspective

  1. Simply beautiful. Thanks for highlighing Karen’s heartfelt words like this. She is such an eloquent writer and comes from a place of wisdom and compassion that touches so many of us in the blogosphere.

    • Thank you, Marie – we have a great deal to thank Karen for. Thank you so much for re-blogging too. I couldn’t not share her words, we have so much to learn from her. Internet friendship is a powerful thing indeed. 🙂

      • dear marie, thank you so much for reading and for your kind words. I get so much inspiration from you and am so proud to call you my friend. love and light to you, XOXOXOXO, karen

  2. We are so lucky that Karen shares her grace, kindness & eloquence with all of us. Karen, if you read this, I and all your cyber-sisters hold you in our hearts every day. Thank you for sharing this, P. xxoo

    • We are, K – so incredibly fortunate. The comments which Karen gifts to us are often wrapped in a wish for “love and light”. This morning as I was reading her words, the early sun was pouring in through my windows, surely that very love and light which Karen was sending over. xoxo

  3. Thank you to Karen and you Philippa for this pause. I love a good pause with the rain and a lovely flower. Karen, I’m thinking of you as you launch into your treatment – hoping you feel the love and are being held up by family and friends. ~Catherine

  4. dear Catherine, thank you for reading and commenting. i DO feel all that wonderful love that is so uplifting. i think of you, too, as you are facing your own challenges. love and light, Karen XOXOXO

  5. my dear Philippa,

    i cannot fully express in words what it means to me that you found something in my comment that resonated, and for the honor i feel that you have shared it on your blog. it means so much to me that anything i have written gives my BC sisters and brothers a sense of the enormous amount of love and gratitude i feel for getting to be a part of this fabulous community where we can all have a safe place to land, express anything we wish, and support one another in such a meaningful way. it is truly astonishing the way such beautiful bonds can be formed that are so touching, so enduring and such a privilege.

    much love and light to you, dear Philippa,

    Karen, XOXOXOXO

    • Oh Karen, your words are so special and precious. And the many views and comments all show an overwhelming sense of resonance from your words. Who ever would have thought years ago that we would find such a safe space through technology with people who would otherwise be strangers? A safe with real bonds indeed. Thank you Karen, please keep sharing your words with us 🙂

  6. dear Nancy,

    thank you so much for reading and commenting. you’ve always been so kind and receptive to my comments, and I am always so grateful if there is anything that was worthwhile sharing. thank you for your kind words. much love and light to you, my friend, XOXOXOX, karen

  7. dear Elizabeth, how like you to be so kind and generous – thank you for reading and commenting.
    and I, too, am in awe of our dear philippa and this amazing, loving, and supportive community.
    much love and light to you, dear friend, Karen, XOXOXOX

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