Seeking balance

As we move into September, we look for signs that the rainy season is starting to subside.  Longer pauses between downpours, larger fragments of blue sky and a slight fatigue of the mould spores and cloying humidity which cling to the monsoon days.  I think I will never tire of the stirring I feel when the rains pound down outside, clean and dry inside.  Still, the thought of days uninterrupted by rains which can paralyse city life is appealing after these months of rain.

There seems to be a fine balance between days which are too wet, and those which are unbearably hot.

alms collecting in the rain

Finding a balance between wellbeing and the pressures of everything-that-needs-to-be-done is equally not easy.  A much milder bug has visited me this week, causing worry in my heart that I would again be floored.  Happily, it has turned out so far to be a manageable, if tiring, visitation.

More interestingly, however, there have been a couple of unexpected developments this week.  A major piece of work needs to be completed and I started the week with my mind buzzing, trying to catch and organise the priorities flying around. Lists were forming and reforming in my head, like a Harry Potter spell, changing places and merging before I could grasp any order.  From somewhere came a compulsion.  I closed my eyes and attempted to still my mind, focusing on my breathing, the sounds of the morning outside melting as I slipped into a short meditation.  Something I have not practised for quite a while.

Rising from the meditation, I moved into my usual morning routine. But when I sat down with my tea after breakfast, I had a pen and notebook in my hand.  A growing compulsion was pushing me to pick up another practice which I had not done for some time.  I started writing furiously, three “Morning Pages”.

So even before heading to work, I had drawn in two different approaches to set the tone for the day.  And you know what – the was indeed highly productive!

This has continued throughout the week, a 15 minute meditation followed by the Morning Pages routine.  and similarly focused and productive days.  Now arriving at Saturday evening, the day has been less so, but I reckon that is important.  It is part of that balance.

Plans are being hatched at the moment and these will appear here in the coming weeks.  There will be updates and discussions on plans we have for raising awareness about breast cancer here.  Yes, awareness – it is part of the picture only, for sure.  But it is critical. There are plans for visiting guest posts and their news here.  And I hope to share some very exciting news about a visitor coming to Myanmar next week……….. we are trying to juggle in a chance to meet up and I cannot begin to express how greatly I hope that this will happen.

In some says it feels a bit like a tightrope walk at the moment, keeping my eyes firmly ahead, and attempting not  to lose that sense of balance and land too heavily on one side or the other.

15 thoughts on “Seeking balance

  1. It’s a constant challenge to maintain balance, isn’t it? Still working on it myself. So glad you are rediscovering some of the tools that have worked for you. Trying to do that myself. xoxo, Kathi

  2. It sounds as though there is much going on. When isn’t there, eh?! Your morning pages is a very nice idea, as is the meditation. I’ve started trying to draw a little every morning – draw and write together. Good luck with the upcoming posts. I’ll have to email you soon 🙂 And cheers to feeling better. I’m so glad the feeling resolved itself easily.

    Be well, Philippa!

  3. Absolutely loved this post – at the risk of becoming very boring by repeating myself again – your writing and your photos transport me to another place so wonderfully. You’ve also given me the gentle reminder I need to try to find some more balance in my life and maybe take up the practice of the morning pages again – a habit I have slipped all too easily out of. Blessings to you dear friend and may you continue to find peace and harmony on your journey to wellness x

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  6. I love the morning pages tradition Philippa. I’m so glad you didn’t succumb to the infection this time. I know how that fear goes. Enjoy the balance of life and stay well. Ax

    • It is really a lovely start to the day, isn’t it A? Once the weather improves and swimming is less disrupted there will be a different challenge for balance in the mornings! The routine will stretch just that little longer! Thank you – love and warm wishes to you too x

  7. I am trying to not loose sight of myself…..and I just cannot find any balance so far…working to reach the point to know who I am….

    • Sending a big squeeze in solidarity – I so hear you. We lose sight of ourselves so easily in these times. Ironically, my cancer diagnosis has provided quite a catalyst to strive for some balance. Hoping you regain that balance (((hugs)))

    • Thank you J, I am so very fortunate and I am physically tired but still have enthusiasm and oomph! Lots of the plans are ones featuring friends you will recognise……. Lots of love to you, and wishes for your health xox

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