Equity – Moving the conversation forward

We must keep the conversation alive.   Kirsty’s post on equity and Timor-Leste attracted several hundred views from 30 countries around the world.  I trust that the thoughts she has shared will take a hold in our minds and badger us.  That inequity.  Our own positions of relative comfort.  There but for the ……

I can feel something shifting, slowly.  Kirsty spoke about plans for a collaboration between the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Timor-Leste.  A critical start.  I can promise updates on how that takes shape.

I can also share some ripples from Myanmar.  I recently learned that a group of women and men affected by breast cancer had come together in Yangon.  Such news really warms my heart, even if it is based on the contradiction of diagnosis.  The group is establishing a Foundation for those who have been touched by a breast cancer diagnosis.  The aims will be wide and ambitious.  They have to be.  And connected with that, the tiny number of (international) women I know here who have been through breast cancer are also coming together to see how we can contribute to the aims of the Foundation as well as connecting as we continue our paths following diagnosis.

northern star

There is a shift.  A start. Conversations are picking up, building on will. There is a long way to go, but a journey is underway.  And I feel far from alone as I pick my steps along this path.

4 thoughts on “Equity – Moving the conversation forward

    • Thanks Catherine – this is something I have been gearing up towards for such a long time, with a difficulty finding a clear idea of what to do, and how to do it. Yes, things seem to be coming together. There should be another post very soon with details about the Myanmar Foundation.
      Big hugs to you

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