I am counting down, ticking off the days and nights until I head on that break that I crave.  In 12 days, and after 12 sleeps I should be heading to the airport with my faithful little travel bag, passport, guide book and tickets.

In some ways I cannot wait.  In other ways, I am glad of this countdown.  It gives me time to prepare and savour the anticipation of my break, ensuring that it stretches out for longer than the days themselves.

But there is another reason that I am glad of this countdown.  Last year, over around seven months,  I was plagued by a run of nasty abscesses.  The last one was in December and was dealt with in the emergency room in our clinic in a procedure that used sharp stuff.

I thought we had been able to banish these unwelcome visitors and for the past six months have been glad not to have had any re-visitations.  Until this week.  Unfortunately an abdominal abscess has formed and today I had to unwilling cart it off to the clinic, gritting my teeth and bracing for more nasty sharp stuff.

I am not sure if it is a good thing or not, but the offending infection is too deep to be able to deal with it in a straightforward procedure, so I have had cultures taken (using sharp stuff) and came out clutching a very painful stomach and a prescription with three elements to it.  Those three parts show just how well looked after and understood I am:

  1. Antibiotic to blast the nasties
  2. Review and follow up, including monitoring of my PT/INR levels (the clottability levels affected by Warfarin, which can be reduced by antibiotics)
  3. Bonnes vacances!

How sweet is that?  My Doc actually took the trouble to prescribe me Happy Holidays!


So I am glad of these days of countdown.  I know I will be well monitored and there is time to make sure I am fit and ready for the break in store.

Or else!

8 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I love the anticipation, too, and am 10 days away from my vacation. I’m savoring the days leading up to my most-anticipated part of the summer. Hope the antibiotics blast that infection quickly!
    P.S. I love your doctor!

    • Thank you – and I wish you delicious anticipation and a wonderful break too! Yes, I am desperately willing the antibiotics to kick in…. And my Doc – sigh, I am SO well looked after here, by this Doc and the other Docs who have and continue to look after me so wonderfully 🙂

  2. hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday,and that the antibiotics do the trick
    ,I have come to love antibiotics now that i rely on their help more often!
    Bonnes vacances!

  3. Enjoy the anticipation! I also hope that the antibiotics get rid of the infection. I am always surrounded by dental surprises so I really understand. Although I am sorry this came up at all for you, I am glad it’s being dealt with before you go so it can’t interfere with your exciting adventure.

    • Thank you Susan, for your understanding about these unwelcome surprises! Yes I do hope that the antibiotics do blast this, as the first one I had needed two rounds of treatment 😦 I am such a skilled worrier, so am worrying about this now! The irony is that the holiday will actually help me to rebuild my strength and reserves, being so run down and exhausted is probably a clear contributor to this.

  4. Oh my goodness, that is very sweet of your doctor! Enjoy these last days of anticipation and I hope the trip exceeds all expectations. Go away and take a break from all of this, you certainly deserve it. ~Catherine

    • Thank you so much :), yes, how sweet and understanding! I head back to the clinic tomorrow, and not any great improvement in the abscess, so rather scared 😦 I’m such a coward! I also do not want any sabotages of those vacances 😉

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