On the move again

Packing, sorting, binning, reminiscing, unpacking, retrieving, remembering.  And re-packing with a view to eventually being able to close the lid on my suitcase but not the substance of the past weeks, the elements of which are strewn in all directions.

Walking near Morar


And preparing to leave Scotland, family and a whole Great Chapter and returning to pick up the pieces of everyday life again in Yangon.


9 thoughts on “On the move again

  1. Have a safe trip home Pip, it was great catching up with you. Next time it will be in kinder circumstances. Promise not to be my co-pilot again, Heathers nerves couldn’t stand it. Take care. June xxx

  2. Struck by the symbolism (to me anyway) of your photo and your post… that no matter where you go, there is an old but rock solid bridge to Scotland, always there to connect you. Travel well and be gentle with yourself as you make room for the loss of your dad.

  3. Hi Philippa, I’m so sorry I’ve not been in touch! Long story cut short, my hard drive melted, I lost all my emails and contacts and have also lost your phone number. I’m in Bangkok now, catching up on blogs and emails, and just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your father and that you’ve been in my thoughts. Could you email me again so I have your contact details?

    So sorry it’s been tough for you recently. Hopefully speak soon, Kim xx

  4. Thank you so much for your comments, and my abject apologies for not replying 😦 Lack of electricity, travel and limited online time have really got in the way. I so appreciate your comments. xxx

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