Shifting Focus

These are strange days, ones of some kind of unseen transition.  A transition in the emotional sense. I am caught off-guard by unexpected tears, prompted by something unknown yet powerful. I feel an abrupt shift in my foundations.  The psychological rock upon which I stand has been shaken and I find myself stumbling, a little uncertain and unclear of my path. Alone yet not alone, surrounded by love and support.

So I am shifting my focus a little.  I am heading away for a couple of days of solitude and reflection to stay at the north western coast of Scotland. I will breathe in the wild blustery air, listen to the sea,  watch the birds, gaze at the wild flowers as they peep up through the ground seeking out the springtime sun and absorb the healing atmosphere.

I will also take my new camera.  I will see if I can persuade it to share its secrets and I will try and work out how to use it to capture a fair impression of what I hope to see.

This is a fitting time to change my background image, and I am replacing the previous image of the woman in Yangon with an image of Scotland’s wild west coast, looking back to the island where my father rests.


10 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. I remember being caught off-guard by tears after my mom died, and now nearly 8 years later, it still happens, just not as often. The depth of these emotions reveal the depth of our love for our departed parents, and while the grief is so raw, the love remains. xo

  2. Philippa, this is so poignant and beautiful, and your grief is so clear. I am so sorry and am sending cyberhugs your way. It will be great to see the pictures that come from your new camera. I hope you find peace and solace in Scotland.

  3. Losing a parent causes a tremendous shift – quite literally. Take some time to breathe in that air, listen to the sea and gaze at your surroundings. Take time to feel your grief while you remember. Thinking of you.

  4. It is so important that you are giving yourself the time to just be in it, and with it. The wind is knocked out of you, and we sometimes need a place to sit and bring the slow intake of breath without all the noise and static.

  5. What a beautiful image. My father passed away in 2007 and hails from Scottish roots. I still grieve for him. Prayers and love abound for you, Philippa, as you weather through. xo

  6. We have been in touch this week Philippa and you know my thoughts are with you. I stil feel in transition a year and a half after my own mother’s death x

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