Day 3, Tuesday – and celebrating the ordinary with something a little different

Last August I wrote about celebrating the ordinary. This post is particularly pertinent and poignant right now as I have returned to Scotland, for the reasons alluded to in this post.
In this intense and difficult time of grief and loss words are few for the moment, but to repeat what I said at that time:

“But times are changing, my future visits to the island unsure and my long breaks there unlikely in the same way. I will have to rely on memories and the many photographs……..
Celebrate the ordinary today, because tomorrow may be different.”

And indeed it is.

Feisty Blue Gecko - a tail of the unexpected

In the first two days of Marie’s challenge on Journeying beyond Breast Cancer, I have been struck by the enormity and complexity of celebrating the ordinary.  Already, I have had insights both visual and descriptive, into the lives of friends on the blogosphere.  The images are striking and the words underneath them tell so much.

I know that I am fortunate in having no shortage of material (well, perhaps that is the understatement of a few millennia) and  I am surrounded by amazing sights, and experience so many “oh gosh” heart stopping moments in an ordinary day, living in a place very different to my original and home culture.

So today, I want to do something a little different.  I am perhaps cheating a little in that this is not one of the images I have taken today (oh yes, of course I have already taken quite a few)…

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