What if…………




These are principles which are at my core, which fire my soul more than I care to admit. They underpin all that drives me.

And I am driven by two critical injustices in the world.

There is no cure for cancer.

Access to a good education is out of reach for far too many.

cancer and education

So this very simple statement doing the rounds on Facebook has hit me with breathtaking force and unusually prompted me to stick my head way over the parapet and shout.

What if…………………?

8 thoughts on “What if…………

  1. Such a great point, Philippa. We don’t always know the cause and effect. Cancer is such an elusive beast, changing like a chameleon and sneaky as a fox. A cure for all cancers is a wish on the hearts of many. May it be so! xox

  2. It’s true – it’s so possible. Education is the key to many, many good things. It is not right that people should be held back from learning & expressing because of the economical or social situation. There’s so much potential in people, all it takes is a little nurturing to let it out. ~Catherine

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