Up to speed

Some housekeeping is overdue!

I have been remiss in caring for the bloglet, and with updating on news from my end.  The last thing I remember, I was packing bags on January 2 and heading for Bangkok for the additional and scary review with Dr W2.  Now it is January 13 and I am not sure what has been happening in between times.

That is not entirely true, actually.  Life has been happening.

As soon as I arrived in Bangkok, I swung immediately into the “preparing for the tests” mindset with the gritted teeth and clenched knuckles that accompanies and characterises that tense time.  I moved through the checks like an automaton and was spat out the other side in one day.  Exhausted, numb and emotionally drained.    The main things to check were the clottability factor due to the embolism and of course, the dreaded tumour markers. In a nutshell, I have been released back into the wide world again and will be reviewed again in another three months.  The cloattability is pretty stable which is fine, although I do have that checked regularly in Yangon too so was not hugely concerned about that.  It was the tumour marker which was stressing me.  The important thing about the markers is the trend rather than the individual result, so it is important to see this over a period of time and a number of tests.  I knew that a further increase would be the most worrying scenario and was very glad that although the markers are still above the reference range, they have decreased slightly.  So now we just have to see how a trend plays out over the coming months, but I do have some reassurance and can breathe out for now.

That gave me a day in Bangkok to do around a week’s worth of chores and tasks and before I knew it I was back at Bangkok airport waiting to board the return flight to Yangon, along with a number of friends and colleagues also returning after the seasonal break.  I arrived home without incident, unpacked, ate, went to bed all set for the first day back after my break.  And indeed, before very long the alarm woke me, I forced myself to get up in the pitch dark, put on my swimming stuff, and some warmer clothing and shake the dust off my bike in a return to my morning routine before work.

The days have thus been full, with the early start in the cool (and now even cold) Yangon mornings and intense activity at work so my first weekend has been very welcome although it has brought quite a backlog with it.  Hence a game of catch up and a need for bloggish housekeeping.

While I was in Bangkok, I took advantage of the superfast internet and uploaded a few photos.  I decided to change the background picture here, and decided eventually on this image.

Angkor Birthday

This is a photograph from my visit to Angkor (Siem Reap) in Cambodia last year, a wonderful adventure and a truly confidence building exercise.  I loved the ruined temples, and especially the way nature and the temples have evolved with tree roots holding the structures together in some places and dividing them in others.  I was continually struck and by the resultant impression of man-made and natural elements in complete fusion.  As well as being a photograph I like, it has particular happy associations and that is how I would like to set the tone for the on my background.  There are many more photographs on the sister (photography) blog.

As we move into 2013, I remain enthused by my three word mantra (focus, treasure and design) and am embracing the coming year.  I am taking the time to focus in on what I want to achieve and draw up clear goals for my year.  And in a beautiful and unexpected gift I received from a friend and colleague, I have the perfect reminder.  A pair of stunning Feisty Blue Gecko earrings, something to keep me focused, to treasure and of an intricate and precious design.


So with a galloping account of hospital visits, early mornings, plans and goals, Cambodian temples and opal earrings, I trust that I am now getting back up to speed.

12 thoughts on “Up to speed

  1. What wonderful earrings! Nice friend. I know the tumor markers are unsettling, but I’m impressed with your ability to let it go, for now.

    Your photo of Angkor Siem Reap reminds me of the Mayan ruins in Mexico and Central America. Supposedly, if not cut back, the three-canopy jungle would swallow some of the excavated ruins in six weeks.


    • Thanks B – it is lovely to hear from you as I know you are very busy with new ventures 🙂 and how fascinating about the Mayan ruins and the jungle growth being so rapid….. Amazing. Amazon…

  2. Oh my gosh the photo is stunning. It’s amazing how the two are co-existing so exquisitely. Sorry about the stress over the tumor marker. It is important to remember that the trend matters rather than just one reading. It can be so stressful…I completely hear on that count. And guess what? I’ve been working on a post about my three words and one of them is the same as one of yours! Not telling which one though!

    • Thank you so much for your comment N – and for understanding! I am really looking forward to hearing about your three words and in which ways we share similar aspirations for the year. Don’t keep me in suspense too long though 😉

  3. what a lovely post! so glad all went well with your check-up, and good for you for putting marker numbers in perspective. how wonderful you have the capacity for feeling the wonder of our natural world – the spectacular trees, the rocks being held in place by them – give new meaning to the term, “tree huggers”! i love your 3 words – so inspiring. i’m still working on mine, and sometimes my head spins; i seem to be too verbose to be able to choose just 3, always come up with 4 or 5 that would be PERFECT; alas….

    • Thanks K – and for your wise words about the markers. Yes, tree huggers indeed!

      I love the process of the three words. But the best thing is that there are no rules. If you find that 4 or 5 words is what works for you, then why not stick with them? I know people who also choose one word. That doesn’t work for me so well, but that is the beauty of us all being different 🙂

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