Loy Krathong revisited – three years on….

As I headed to the airport yesterday afternoon, I passed an increasing number of roadside displays in preparation for Myanmar’s Full Moon Tazaungdaing festival celebrations, keenly aware that I would miss the festival. However, thanks to an article in the in-flight magazine, I was pleased to learn that the Thai Loy Krathong festival would be today.

I was pleased, but the realisation also hit me with a jolt.  I was instantly transported back three years to my first experience of Loy Krathong. In 2009, the Festival fell on November 3rd, one month and one day since life changed.  On that day, three years ago I had just had my first chemo, I had had two rounds of surgery and I was starting to lose my hair.

I wrote a short blog post, which makes emotional reading for me.

It is another day for quiet reflection and deep gratitude.



10 thoughts on “Loy Krathong revisited – three years on….

  1. I think that memories burn deep around holidays and these special type of moments – but nevertheless, it is so very beautiful. Candles on the water for gratitude and reflection sounds very lovely. Thank you for sharing the pictures.~Catherine

  2. Thank you for sharing this my sweet friend. Both the gratitude, the remembrance, and the wonderful photos. The pictures actually take me back to Ha Noi. I will never forget how closely tied our diagnosis dates are. Sending you much love from the other side of the world. Here’s hoping we will be in the same time zone again in the not too distant future. T xoxo

    • Thank you so much Terri – yes there is a great deal which is reminiscent of our South East Asian memories 🙂 And what a heap of connections we share, from diagnosis through to shared dreams, hopes, values and aspirations. I am harbouring a dream to connect with you all in delhi but there are a few logistical hurdles which I am working on. Plus the next round of checks on the raised markers……. Should have some clarity in January 🙂

      Keep up the amazing inspirational work (I know you will 😉 )

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