A bit of a break

It has been a bit silent on the blog front for a few days.  For good reasons.  I am still all of a tremble from my Obama encounter, but even more of a boost has been a long weekend out of town……

I will let a handful of images tell the story for now, the headlines being idyllic seas, white sandy beaches, fishing boats, fruit sellers, sunsets and sunrises and probably the best seafood in the world.






Lucky stars.  Counting, counting, counting………….

11 thoughts on “A bit of a break

  1. Hi! I’m sorry for leaving a message on here, but I’ve been glued to reading your blog and wondered whether I could I ask which hospital you were treated at in Bangkok? I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and am a resident of Koh Samui. I have returned to the UK for surgery/second opinion but am wanting to transfer chemo to Thailand as I just want to be in my home with my cat! You had such a positive experience at your hospital, I’m curious to hear which one it was. I am a WordPress member (sclsecondary), or please do email me if you do not want to post on here – it would be hugely appreciated! Love the blog! Thanks! Kim x

    • Hi Kim and thank you for your comment and contacting me. I am really sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed, and am emailing you personally. I am also editing out your email address from public visibility now that I have taken a note of it. Take care xox

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