Day 7 Saturday – celebrating the ordinary, every day

It was Saturday.  Saturday marked the final day of Marie’s challenge to celebrate the ordinary.  Saturday is also the day to see to those tasks which cannot be taken care of in the busy work week.

One of those tasks is to stock up on supermarket essentials.  The rains had abated somewhat, although the sky was still heavy, so I decided to walk there.  It is a pleasant walk, through the Golden Valley area.  I made sure I had my camera in my pocket but I had little idea of what to capture for the day’s challenge. I did know, however, that I would not be short of inspiration or material.

I had only been walking for a short time, when my eye caught a magical sight at the roadside.  A dawn downpour had left its mark in the leaves in the hedgerow.  Each leaf was shaped like a little vessel and contained a miniature pool of clear monsoon water.

The perfect image for celebrating the ordinary – what can be more ordinary than leaves and water?

I did feel somewhat self conscious, bent over and photographing what must have looked like nothing in particular to the occasional passers by.  Especially when I moved closer in, attempting to capture the glint of light in the captured drop.

Simple, ordinary, vital and worthy of celebration.

Post Script:

My attempts to post Saturday’s image were sabotaged by consistent internet evaporation, hence the delay in posting this.

On Sunday, I realised that I was still walking around on the lookout for images.  Which is not so different from my usual state, but definitely heightened.  This week I have captured a wide range of images in number as well as in how they represent celebration of the ordinary.  It is my intent to post the images which did not quite “make the cut” in a few day’s time with some reflections of the challenge.  In the meantime, here is Marie’s overview of the week in its wonder, synchronicity and inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Day 7 Saturday – celebrating the ordinary, every day

  1. What a stunning image Philippa – you captured this so magnificently. And I love that you say you are still on the look out for images…that’s just what I wanted to hear – I hope we will all continue this exercise in our daily lives. Thanks for taking part and sharing such wonderful pictures with us.

  2. I can’t decide which I like the most: your description or the images. I could picture you in my mind setting out for groceries amidst tropical foliage after monsoon rains, camera at the ready for whatever you might find. I’m captivated! It’s stunning how something so ordinary–a drop of water on a leaf–can be so incredibly beautiful. Nicely done.

  3. Beautiful images, Philippa! This exercise tops all the ones I’ve chosen before to undertake. I look forward to more of your photos. Even though they didn’t make the cut, I’m sure they are still exquisite. xx

  4. Just beautiful, Philippa! While I approached this more as a cerebral challenge than a visual one, I do find myself more in tune withvthe beauty that surrounds me. This challenge will most certainly continue to nourish us!

  5. Thanks you for the lovely comments, it was all just sitting there waiting for me to capture it. and Lori, isn’t that the beauty of this challenge – that we can take it in so many ways. I found that it varied quite a bit depending on the day, on what caught my eye and even how I was feeling on that particular day.

    Just wonderful, thank you again, Marie and thank you to all the blogaristas for such a variety of celebrations.

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