Day 5, it must still be Thursday somewhere in the world? Celebrating extra and ordinary

Is it still Thursday somewhere in our world?

Although I had finally managed to select one image to celebrate the ordinary, I am going to envelope it in a couple more to give it some context.  And because I really struggled not to choose these ones.  This is a quick glimpse of my extraordinary day with countless celebrations of the ordinary before the day starts in this corner of the planet.

Buffalo wallowing in the water, a typical scene as we travelled out of town.

Refreshments.  Fresh being the key element – cooling, refreshing and nutritious coconut.

Women in the community, sharing a smile with paddy fields in the background.  You can see the traditional combs used for keeping their hair up.

A glimpse of typical transport – buses and trishaws.  And how many girls can fit on a trishaw made for the driver and two more?  I saw at least five on this one, not including the driver who had to push.

And finally, the main image.  The reason behind it all.  An example of why I am here.  This little boy is playing an instrument made of bamboo.  The sides open and when releaased make a loud “clack! clack! sound.

So much to be thankful for.

4 thoughts on “Day 5, it must still be Thursday somewhere in the world? Celebrating extra and ordinary

  1. Thank you both. I had an amazing, and humbling day yesterday. The visits to our project sites are the part of my work I love most. I will let you into a secret – I took around 100 photographs yesterday, so will devote another post to more images from the day very soon.

  2. What fantastic photos you chose, Philippa! The women look so much happier than average women in the U.S. And the boys? I agree with Nancy. They are just precious. You indeed are blessed. xox

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