Day 5, Delays in celebrating the ordinary!

It is late evening here in Yangon, and I have returned from a full day visiting our projects out of the city.

An extraordinary day for me, spending time with communities, children and colleagues in their everyday setting. Another reminder why I live and work here.  Utterly humbling, inspiring and frequently heart wrenching.

Of course, I have returned with memory cards crammed with memories – my camera memory card, and my own personal in-my-head memory card.  I have spent some considerable time carefully sorting through the many images which all, in their own way, represent celebration of the ordinary.  And finally  selecting the one sole image to share.

And that is where I have come unstuck.  In the evenings the connection is so slow that I can’t upload more than 4% of the image before the system freezes and refuses to upload any more.

So this is an apology for the delay in posting.  I will try again in the early morning when the cyber waves tend to be a bit freer.  It will also give me a chance on the posts I have missed, and reply to the lovely comments you have left.

Watch this space!

4 thoughts on “Day 5, Delays in celebrating the ordinary!

  1. I eagerly await your images, Philippa. I know they will speak of incredible extraordinaries. You, yourself, are extraordinary in every sense of the word. I wish you the best in sorting out the tech glitches. xox

  2. Thanks for your patience. I ended up posting five images instead of the planned single image! All night I kept changing my mind about which to post, so happily as Marie says, there are no rules and I took full advantage of that 🙂

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