Report re port

I realise that I have somewhat neglected to update on my de-portation, after complaining at length about the way my poor skin responded to the adhesive dressings!

Well, one reason it has not featured in my thoughts and words is because, quite simply, there has been nothing to report re the port.  Or rather re the void where the port was.  The surrounding skin calmed fairly quickly once dressings and adhesive were out of the picture, and healing has been incredibly quick.  I have been able to swim from day 7 and although the site is still a bit tender and raised, it is really looking very healthy.  In fact one friend thought it was my old scar, it is looking so good!  Well done Dr P!    It is wonderful being able to move my neck freely and I feel a greater freedom in my right arm.

And what about the port itself?  It might not be surprising to hear that I carry it around in my handbag, waiting for an opportunity to show anyone who shows the slightest interest.  And to anyone who is not interested.  And anyone in fact. It has appeared in the street, in the office (several times), in the supermarket and at a friend’s house and in a couple of cafes.  It even appeared on the flight back from Bangkok!   I don’t think the fascination will ever fade, it really is an amazing thing.  And it is MUCH better on the outside!

So that means I can focus on the riot of colour which is Yangon at the moment.  Jacaranda is blossoming, bright red flamboyant trees are budding and bursting into colour and frangipani and bougainvillea abound.


10 thoughts on “Report re port

  1. hee. I love that you carry yours around with you (cause I did at first, as well). Isn’t it odd to think that it was IN you just a few weeks back? It is a thing to marvel at, I think.

    • thanks W – yes, it is really weird to think it was hidden UNDER MY SKIN! And I can even see the various piercings for each chemo and subsequent flushings. Amazing! And much more amazing out!

  2. I’m so glad to hear the healing has gone well. It’s funny how it’s hard to part with such a thing and that you like to “show it off.” And it is much better on the outside for sure! Enjoy all that color now in bloom. Things are progressing a bit more slowly around here…actually a lot more slowly!

    • Thanks for your comment N. I am thinking of you at this strange time. And it is like that, isn’t it? Steps forwards, sideways, a little bit backwards, a pause here and there – you are not alone, big hugs xoxox

  3. So glad to hear you’ve healed up. Laughing at you carrying the port around & showing it to people whether they want to see it or not. I rather feel that way about my prosthesis. 😉

    • Ha K, you made me snort with laughter and the thought of you showing off your prosthesis makes me think that really my port-flashing is not a big deal! I have a swimming prosthesis which nearly caused great embarrassment once going through a security check once! Luckily the security guard didn’t fish it out of my gym bag and examine it!

  4. That’s such good news, Philippa! I carried around in my wallet for a long time the card that said I had a port installed in my neck. I finally found it and put it in a keepsakes box. It serves both as a reminder and as proof of what I’ve been through. So I understand why you keep the port. The photo is so lovely; thanks for sharing it. xxx

    • Thanks J – yes it is good, and it struck me as interesting that we often don’t share these little “good things” as we move on. But they are important in themselves, and significant milestones. That is it – a reminder, and proof at the same time. thanks xox

  5. Excellent to hear how quickly you’ve healed – and having a chuckle at the mental picture of you whipping the port out of your handbag!! Glad you can admire the colours of Yangon with so much more freedom. Enjoy!

    • Thanks L 🙂 Yes, I am very happy that the scar is healing so well, especially considering my skin was so sensitive early on. Once the dressing was removed, it healed so quickly! And I do feel so much more freedom in moving my neck – so looking up at all those trees is definitely much easier. The pics of the tropical flowers on your blog are lovely – we have the same flowers in our lane. Just wonderful.

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