Return and reflect

I returned last night from my trip to Mrauk U and Rakhine State, with a few additional treasures which I had not taken with me – including my camera and its 700+ new photos, a travel bag full of muddy, dirty washing, several bruises thanks to a day cycling, a book about the temples and history of the area, a necklace made by women in the Chin villages I visited and a roughly hand carved sandstone Buddha figure.

A week offline is a long time, especially when the connection is so poor, so catching up and posting photos is taking more time than I would wish.

So here is a taste of my Christmas adventure while the details are on their way.

4 thoughts on “Return and reflect

  1. This picture is so reminiscent of villages in my home state of Bengal. The serenity of the place and the spirituality in the lives of the people never fails to astound me.

    Thank you for this stunning picture, Phillipa. It encapsulates the essence of your visit.

    With my best wishes,

    • Thank you S – yes, this picture really brings me a warm sense of those fundamental values, and a simplicity which I deeply respect and strive for. This part of Myanmar is close to the Bangladesh border and the water carriers are similar to the Bengali ones, and the bamboo dwellings also highly reminiscent. I am trying to put a series of pictures on my photo blog but connection is so slow……

      My hubby is also from Bengal (West Bengal) so I am also familiar with the village scenes.

      I hope you avoided the wrath of Cyclone Thane in Pondy?

      Stay safe and I send warm wishes for the coming year and beyond.

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