Belts, braces and Bangkok

Last week as I braced for my annual checks, Bangkok began bracing for floods.  I was almost totally oblivious to this while the hospital stuff was happening.

Once I emerged from the surreal world of the checks, I realised that I was surrounded by sandbags and walls were being constructed all around.

In the street where we stay, a few minutes walk from the hospital, residents were having (I assume temporary) walls built in front of their gates to protect their properties from rising water.

I was rather relieved to buckle my seat belt on Saturday and fly back to Yangon.

However, the flood situation is worsening, and central Bangkok still bracing. My thoughts are with those affected.

4 thoughts on “Belts, braces and Bangkok

  1. What an experience! My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are affected. Thanks for letting us know about this. I can’t imagine how you felt when you left the hospital to find conditions so dire.

    • Thanks Jan – we were completely protected from the floods, but it looks as if the situation is getting worse and will take a while to improve. My hubby joked that we always manage to find ourselves in a crisis! I think we have had more than our fair share!

      My thoughts are with those who are affected.

  2. Those weird dreams and nightmares around the cancerversary! Mine this year featured a helicopter view of three beached whales – a mother and two off spring, one of whom was already dead and the two live ones thrashing around in the sand slowly dying and making heart wrenching whale cries. Like you noted, even a lay person could make the links – my younger sister died some years ago, my mother is elderly and I am dealing with BC. So many images and emotions get stirred up.
    Thank you for the photos of Bangkok – I have contacted all my friends and former students living there and so far they are all safe.

    • Thanks Coco – yes it is frightening how our minds develop these feelings, fears and thoughts in our subconscious. These dates and checks are such a trigger. I am thinking of you as you go through this.

      You were working in Thailand? I would love to know more……… It seems that the situation in Bangkok is not likely to improve for a few weeks. I am very glad that your friends and former students are safe.

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