British Summer Time

I have arrived safely in the UK and find that jet lag, i phones and cold rain abound!

I can’t believe the difference from this time last year when I arrived following the triathlon of treatment.  From my gymnastics display in Dubai airport through to being unable to lift my luggage off the conveyor belt I knew that I would struggle with independent travel last year.  Sure enough, hubby J ferried and portered for me throughout the visit and I leaned very heavily on his support.

This year is unrecognisably different.  Although I am struggling with jet lag (I had forgotten it gets light at 4 am here in the summer) and rather tired, I have already been gadding around the country and London.  I even carted my luggage on the underground all the way to Kings Cross Station on my own!  Thank heavens they have installed lifts, albeit a very complicated system which should surely entitle anyone successfully surfacing where they intended to an Amazing Race like prize.  While I am tired, I feel strong and have re-found my confidence after it was stripped from me last year.

So now I am on the train to Scotland, grumping about the fact that there is no tea, or any hot drink on the catering trolley, and that a charge has been introduced for the onboard wi-fi.  Still this was balanced by a surprise check in facility for luggage.  “Yes, please – do take my suitcase and save me the trouble of humphing it onto the train, struggling to find it a little home and then worrying about it throughout the journey:.  Most convenient.

When I alight I will surely find out that I should have put socks on.  I have on ongoing issue with socks and always forget to wear them and often forget even to pack them.  Socks are not something which I have much use for in Yangon.  Well, in the days since I got a proper prosthesis 😉

In a couple of days I will head to a remote and restful Island off the west coast of Scotland for some special time with my father.  My overall break in the UK is shorter this year so I am whirlwinding around the country to try and see my family.

It is probably a good thing that the daylight hours start so early and last late into the night so that I can cram as much as possible into the time.

4 thoughts on “British Summer Time

  1. The photo of the train whisking through the countryside is breathtaking. I would give anything (well, almost anything) to see scenery like that from a train. I’m glad you arrived safely in the UK. Have a most relaxing time on that remote island with your father. I hope it is a time of refreshing and renewal.

  2. Enjoy your stay Philippa. I love the detail of the socks. Yes, socks… I don’t wear them most of the summer in the UK (except when walking in boots), but I always know when summer has ended as I start to need to wear them, and I try to leave this for as long as possible…. end of October if possible.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments and wishes – I have been haring around so much I have not been able to reply and thank you. The Scotland (and all UK in fact) trip saw me gadding from one side of the country to the other, travelling by bus, underground, train, ferry and car, along miles of pavement, wild road, underground corridors and up and down several million flights of stairs! Now I have arrived in Siem Reap for the healing and renewal part…………….. And as for the socks, I nearly had to jettison them as the luggage has been swelling!

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