Snapshots of other lives

While the more detailed story of “My Other Life”  is taking shape, I was inspired by posts by Marie and  Brenda which  picked out a number of wonderful facts and snippets about fellow breast cancer blogging buddies.  I thought it would be fun to put together some random snippets about the other me, just to add to the mix.

A snapshot of the “other” me

  • I can’t live without music.
  • I am scared of heights
  • I love puzzling over word games and unravelling tangled string
  • I am so short sighted I can hardly see my own feet
  • I have my nose pierced
  • I can’t drive!
  • I can’t live without books
  • I am better at eating than cooking
  • I am fascinated by lizards and geckos
  • I love dancing, especially Bollywood and Bhangra
  • I cannot understand trigonometry or why it might be useful. (And I failed maths and physics at school)
  • I harbour unrealistic aspirations to be a photographer, painter and writer
  • I have an unwarranted dislike of celery and guava.
  • I have the most incredibly vivid dreams

As you can imagine, there is plenty more where that came from, but these are just a few random snippets about what makes up the “other me”.

It is just wonderful learning about each other and keeping cancer out of the limelight for once.

5 thoughts on “Snapshots of other lives

  1. Well Philippa we share some similarities .. I too am very short sighted, have vivid dreams, hated maths at school, and can’t stand celery! One thing I would disagree with in your account..your “unrealistic” dream of being a writer…not unrealistic at all!! Thanks for sharing such an eclectic snapshot of your other life and looking forward to learning more 🙂

    • How funny that we share these random things! Perhaps that could be the basis for the next Breast Cancer research? I can see the headlines already – “Increased risk of BC for those who dislike celery, risk compounded for women who additionally dislike maths”! It sounds as reasonable as some of the other headlines I have seen 😉

      Thanks so much for your support and encouragement – I thought I had hidden that bit about writing and creative stuff (embarrassed).

      Thanks again for being the inspiration for the chance to reflect like this and learn more about each other. I am so looking forward to the compilation…….

  2. Hi P, lots of similarities here too (I counted 6). But I like celery and found a use for trig when I was doing the navigation papers in my Yachtmaster exams! But then I thought that Physics WAS Fun, in the words of the textbook, and was one of IWA’s little stars!!!!

    Will do mine on Sunday – too busy this weekend with another part of my life!
    Off to the 15th century …

    E xx

  3. Gosh that’s quite a few – and of course I didn’t mention others such as the school orchestra that we share! I am glad that someone likes celery though 😉 And also actually relieved that you did find a use for trig – otherwise my suspicion was that it had been invented purely as a wicked torture for folks who just cannot begin to fathom it at all! And as for physics being fun – I’m definitely at the other end of the spectrum, as you know! IWA must indeed have been counting his lucky stars that you were in his class and not me 😉

    GREAT that the other parts of life are taking precedence – enjoy C15 and I look forward to your words soon.

  4. Like Marie, I disagree with your “unrealistic aspiration” to be a writer. You’re a most talented writer! Like you, I can’t live without books and am better at eating than cooking. I liked trig and physics in school, but now I don’t think I use them for anything. Thanks for these glimpses into your other life.
    XOXO Jan

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