The glory of a head-cold

I never thought I would say this, but although I have a head cold and feel as rough as a very rough badger’s beard, I have a smile on my lips.  My throat is scratchy and stinging, my nose is blocked, my upper lip is cracked and tender and I can’t breathe.  I feel a bit fuzzy in the head (more so than usual;) ) and should be feeling miserable.

But I am not in a gloomy mood.  The reason is not that I have found some wonder drug that banishes the misery of a cold.  Nor is it that I am having a jammy “hey, nothing can be as bad as cancer” moment either.  No, the reason is because I have finally found something that Captain Paranoia is unable to penetrate.  With every tiny ailment, ache or pain, I have an immediate worry that it is a return of the cancer beast.  The dry spot of skin on my face which I feared was face cancer (and Dr W2 could not even see).  The dizzy spell a few months ago which I immediately attributed to brain mets, and in fact any little bump or twinge turns my mind first of all to cancer. However, a head cold is just a head cold, right?  I don’t even need Dr Google to verify my medical facts here.

I have an image of Captain Paranoia, standing in the corner, a bit like a comic superman type figure, with his hands on his hips, stamping his foot and scratching his head.  He just can’t find any reason to believe it is a clue that there is something suspicious going on!  Finally I have notched up a victory against him!

19 thoughts on “The glory of a head-cold

    • Thanks Sarah – it is so funny how we react to things. The psychological feels more powerful than the physical.

  1. Yay for ‘normal’ sickness! I was having similar thoughts just a few days ago 🙂 It’s been so long since I had a cold! Thankfully the worst is over and I’m on the mend. Feel better from your cold soon xoxox from Brisbane

  2. Oh Philippa you did make me smile with this 😉 I was eagerly reading along to see what was this wonder drug and where could I get it..and I realised like Dorothy in Oz..I had it myself all along – thanks for the smile and DO get better soon x

    • What a wonderful way to look at it, Marie 🙂 – yes, we forget what we have sometimes. And already I am feeling better, a bit spluttery but that is all part of the process. And so NOT sinister! xx

    • So true, N – yes it is the first time I have scored a victory over him, so that is a massive psychological boost. Now I know that he CAN be banished to a corner. 🙂

    • It is, isn’t it? I am luxuriating in it! And thank you for the concept of Captain Paranoia – I think I probably “stole” or developed him from something you wrote earlier 🙂 P xx

  3. Good one, Philippa. I’m glad it’s “only” a cold and I hope your positive thoughts see you through the end of this headcold. I know when my colds begin to linger, the questions gather, but I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s exhausting worrying about every little thing. Feel better!

    • Thanks so much for your wishes, S. Yes, the worries and anxieties can be really draining. I think that is why I felt so “good” this time! And to help things further, the cold has moved through the phases quite quickly – I think my overindulgence of garlic must be helping to boost that immune system and resilience. Bit stinky though…….

  4. Good for you, Philippa! I remember those days when every wart and ache meant some kind of new cancer or met was breaking through the surface. Captain Paranoia (love that name!)made me think my body was about to betray me any minute!

    Isn’t it amazing how a simple head cold can make us feel so good? That’s progress in the cancer arena.


    • Oh thank you so much Jan – it is so important and affirming to know that it is part of the whole deal and that most of us go through this. I stole the name, Captain Paranoia, I have to confess 😉 I find it really helps to have an image of the Captain!! And yes, don’t we find progress in the strangest and most unexpected of places 🙂 P xxx

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    • oh Lauren I was SO thinking of you and the thigh cancer – especially when I wrote about face cancer!! Yes, you are right, we have to re-learn how to see things as they are and not how we see, or fear, them. Hugs, P xxx

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